What to Think about Before Buying New Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodels are the number one home improvement project and over 7 million homeowners will complete a kitchen remodel this year. If you're looking for a project that will have the biggest impact, start with new cabinets. Today, there are so many options from layout to finish when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

Choosing between stock, semi-custom and custom is the first thing you will need to do. Stock cabinets are installed as they are. Many homeowners choose stock cabinets because they are cheaper and because they are already assembled, they can be installed faster. The drawback, of course, is you are very limited in style and layout. Semi-custom cabinets offer some customization but not much and they will cost more than stock cabinets. Custom cabinets allow you to have exactly what you want. Custom cabinets are worth the extra cost because you get everything want right down to the nail selection. Going custom means that you will have even more options and things to think about. The video from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUkmY5BtpVo can give you more idea about kitchen cabinets.

The Material

You will need to select the material you want you DeWils Kitchen Cabinets to be made out of. Wood, metal and synthetic materials are all options. A lot of consumers today, are very conscious about where their materials come from. For some conscious consumers, buying American is a priority. Others want to make sure their materials were sourced responsibly, especially when it comes to lumber. Reclaimed wood is in high demand for that very reason. When you decide to go custom, you can even decide where the materials come from.


For most people, what the cabinets for Contemporary Kitchens look like is most important. However, construction is important as well. Think about how you want the carpenter to put your cabinets together. There a many different types of joining techniques that can be used to build cabinets. There are pros and cons for each. Research to educate yourself on all the different joining options.

How the Cabinets are Configured

The arrangement of the cabinets is also important and needs some consideration. The layout of your cabinets will determine how functional your kitchen is. Cosmetics should be second on the list when deciding how you want your cabinets to be arranged. The most important thing, when it comes to the layout, is how you use your kitchen. If your kitchen is a busy hub where you spend a lot of time entertaining, keep that in mind. For example, you may want to go with a more open layout to give the kitchen more space. On the other hand, if you kitchen is the place where you make masterpiece dishes, cabinetry that can accommodate all of your appliances and pots might be a better idea.